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Is There an Electric Replacement for Gas Ducted Heating?

Is there an electric replacement for gas ducted heating?

Gas has been a terrific asset in Australian homes for many years. Traditionally, it’s been in plentiful supply, and considerably cheaper than running electricity. Unfortunately, due to its status as a fossil fuel, it has reduced in its supply and is no longer cheap. In fact, electricity has now surpassed gas as the cheaper alternative.

Because of these reasons, the Victorian government has decided to ban new gas connections in homes. In an attempt to reduce energy prices and meet their emissions commitments, governments are putting the clamps on gas in a big way. While many environmental groups have welcomed the decision, many Australians have not! Gas cooktops, hot water systems, and air conditioners have been a mainstay in Australian homes for decades. More than ever, our clients have been asking us the question

is there an electric replcement for gas ducted heating

Is there an electric replacement for gas ducted heating?

Yes! Electric ducted reverse cycle air conditioners and electric split system air conditioners are great alternatives to gas ducted heating and are some of the most efficient types of AC in the market.

The Rise of Electric Heating

Electric heating is now the most common and efficient alternative to gas heating systems. Thanks to significant improvements in technology, these air conditioners are capable of heating or cooling large areas quickly, and are efficient in their energy use. Aside from the fact that natural gas is being phased out in Victoria, there are many other advantages of electric heating systems.

  1. Energy Efficient: Electric-powered air conditioning systems are often called heat pumps and they are much more efficient than gas systems. While gas systems use combustion, electric heating and cooling with a heat pump means less energy is required to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  2. Environmental Friendly: The polar ice caps are melting and our country burns down every year, and apparently it’s our fault! Now, whether you believe in climate change or not, we can probably all agree that it’s best to care for our planet as best as we can. As Australia transitions to cleaner electricity production, electrical appliances and systems will be more environmentally friendly than gas. The systems themselves don’t produce any emissions on-site, and the air quality in your home will be better.
  3. Cheaper to Run: We won’t offend you by trying to claim that electricity is cheap. Believe it or not, even electricians have their own electricity bills to pay! But it’s still cheaper than gas, and less prone to price variations than gas too. On top of this, the huge improvements in technology have meant that electric systems are (relatively) cheap to run for the amount of heating and cooling they provide.

Electric Alternatives for Gas Ducted Heating

While there are many electric alternatives for gas heating, such as radiant heating, wall panels, and individual heating units, these will not be true substitutes for gas ducted heating. The only true alternatives to gas ducted heating are:

Electric Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle Air conditioning is seen as the gold standard for heating and cooling in Australia. With these units, air conditioning is provided to your entire home through a set of ducts in the roof cavity. The central unit sits outside your building and draws external air before blowing it through the ducts into your home. Ducted reverse cycle AC uses a heat pump, rather than combustion or a heating element, which makes it the most efficient form of electric heating.

Ducted reverse cycle units can be split into several zones and controlled from one central controller. This makes heating or cooling your entire house as simple as pressing a button. Unfortunately, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the more expensive options, and the external units are often quite noisy.

Electric Split System Air Conditioners:

Split system air conditioners, or ‘splittys’, are the most versatile and cost-effective heating and cooling option in Australia at the moment. With advancements in technology and their gradual reduction in price, they are now one of the most widely-used types of air conditioners in Australia. A split system air conditioner is named this way because the two primary units are separated, or split, from one another. One unit sits outside the building, while the other is placed inside the area you want to heat or cool.

Splittys share much of the same technology as ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, but one unit is required for each room. This can provide some flexibility if you have just one or two rooms that require air conditioning. Whether you choose ducted reverse cycle or split system air conditioning, the upfront cost is generally significant. However, the quality of air conditioning and the long-term savings you can make by switching to electric make it a worthy investment for your home.


Like it or not, gas air conditioning is on the way out. With the Victorian Governments recent crackdown on gas, many people have been left wondering: is there an electric replacement for gas ducted heating? Thankfully there is, and for many people, going electric is a much better long-term solution.

If it’s time for you to go electric, give Mildura Electricians a call. We can provide expert advice on the best air conditioning system to go with and provide an obligation-free quote.