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Is Old Electrical Wiring Safe?

If you’ve found your way here, we can probably assume that you’ve found old electrical wiring in your home. When this happens, many people find themselves asking the question: Is old electrical wiring safe?

The answer is, as with many questions, it depends! Old wiring can be perfectly safe if it has been installed properly, and is in good condition. However, more often than not, wiring that is older than 25 years in Australia is at risk of being a hazard. As they age, these wires tend to become brittle and corroded, which poses a serious risk of electrical fires and shocks.

Is 30 year old wiring safe?

Probably not! Wiring that is over 25 years old may not meet the current safety standards.

So, if you find wiring in your home that looks old or worn, you should call your local electrician for an inspection. A qualified electrician will be able to inspect your current wires and determine whether they are suitable for continued use. It’s important to note, that even if your wiring looks like it is functioning properly, these wires still may not be safe!

How to identify old wiring?

It can be difficult to identify old electrical wiring. Currently in Australia, standard electrical wiring in a house has a white cover with three wires on the inside. Generally speaking, electrical wiring with a black cover is a sign that it’s time to get your wires checked.

Other signs your electrical wiring needs an inspection:
-Exposed wires
-Damaged wires
-Regularly blowing fuses or tripping safety switches
-Discolouration or charring of wires
-Corrosion (green or white powdery-looking stuff on wires)

If you find old or damaged wires, it’s also likely that your home is in need of a switchboard upgrade. Older homes are often equipped with fuses to protect your electrical system from overloading. Unfortunately, fuses don’t help when it comes to protecting your family from electric shock! That’s where upgraded switchboards and safety switches are far superior to fuses. Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and detect a problem that may pose a risk to personal safety and turn the power off within 0.03 of a second. So if you’re getting your home’s wiring checked out, it’s also in your (and your family’s) best interests to ensure your switchboard is up to date as well.

No matter the age or condition of your home’s electrical wiring, it’s always important to make sure it meets all of the current safety standards. If you’re unsure if your home’s wiring system is safe, then check in with Mildura Electricians. We have all the expertise required to quickly and efficiently diagnose electrical faults, and we’ll work with you to solve the solution in the best way possible.