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How Much Do Electricians Charge to Install Lights?

Lighting is one of the most underrated, yet essential considerations when planning renovations or upgrades. The appearance of your home, office, or outdoor spaces can be made or broken based on the quality of your lighting. But, installing lights in Australia can be an expensive exercise, due to our restrictive laws surrounding electrical works. Basically, if you want any electrical work done, it must be done by a licensed electrician. So, if you’ve considered upgrading your lights, your first question will likely be: How much do electricians charge to install lights?

Getting your head around the costs is an essential first step in completing these upgrades. So, this article will discuss some of the key considerations when installing lights in Australia. And ultimately, it will help you understand how much electricians charge to install lights.

Types of Light

how much do electricians charge to install lights?

The first consideration in determining how much light installation will cost is the type of lighting you’re planning to install. It goes without saying, but the installation of simple lighting is always going to be more affordable. Simple lighting includes this such as pendant lights and down lights. The price of installation goes up as the complexity of the light increases. That means things such as recessed lighting and chandeliers are considerably more expensive.

There is some flexibility when choosing lights. You can go with a hands-off approach and ask your sparkie to source and install the lights by themselves. On the other hand, most people prefer to purchase their own lights independently and ask their electrician to just install them. The choice is yours.


Another significant factor in the price of light installation is the labour costs for your sparkie. Most of the time, electricians charge per hour. This is why more straightforward types of lights are cheaper than more complicated tasks. An electrician can switch over a whole home’s worth of pendant lights in just a few hours, while more detailed installations can last for several days.

Now it’s true that electrical work is highly regulated in Australia, but there are some things that you could do yourself to save your electrician some time and save you some money. One example of this could be cutting holes in ceilings or walls in preparation for the installation.

Condition of the property

While most lighting installation is relatively straightforward, there are times when your installation might need some additional work. For example, if your electrician finds old wiring that needs to be replaced, this will likely add time onto your electrician’s commitment, and money to the end of your invoice

Location of job

The location of the electrical work can potentially be another factor. While most electricians will happily travel to areas nearby their own location, you will likely have to pay some travel costs if you live further away.

How Much Do Electricians Charge to Install Lights?

Sparkies normally charge around $75-$100 an hour for the installation of lights. Each job will be different and the price will be dependent on the factors already discussed in this article. On top of installation costs, you will also need to factor in the price of the lights themselves.


Installing fresh lighting in your favourite areas is one surefire way to improve the appearance of your favourite area. While hiring an electrician can be expensive, it is necessary to hire an electrician if you would like any electrical work done. Electricians typically charge between $75-$100 per hour.

If you’ve got some lights that need installing in Mildura, Irymple, or Sunraysia, why not call Mildura Electricians? Our dedicated team of professional electricians will provide you with an obligation-free quote, competitive rates, and outstanding service.

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