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DIY Electrical Wiring Australia

DIY wiring Australia

DIY Electrical Wiring Australia

We’ve all got one.

That “handyman” in the family who insists they can do everything the tradeys can. For the most part, these people are liquid gold as they can save you thousands of dollars by doing small jobs that tradeys charge a fortune for. When it comes to things like painting, plastering, minor carpentry, and some mechanical work, you want these guys on speed dial.

But when it comes to electrical? Not so much.

We’ve seen it time and time again. You come home after forking out for some fancy lights, ceiling fans, or a splitty, only to realise that you now have to spend more money getting them installed.

“Don’t waste your time with sparkeys, it’ll take me 10 minutes,” your mate says.

While it might be true, it’s just not worth the risk. Getting something just the slightest bit wrong with any electrical work could lead to serious injury, death, or even worse; a fine!

In Australia, anyone who wants to do electrical work must have a valid license. It’s illegal for anyone without a license to do any sort of electrical work in their homes or places of business. If you’re caught doing unlicensed electrical work, you could be fined up to $40,000 for an individual!

Unfortunately, unlicensed electrical work can also have a considerable impact on your home insurance. If your dodgy wiring jobs cause a fault or other damage, your insurance may be void and you could end up hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars worse than when you started! If you need electrical work done for your house, look for a local residential electrician. Need work done on your business? Then find a trusted commercial electrician in your local area.

Not convinced by these considerable reasons? Scott McLaren explains 5 reasons why cheaper will always cost you more!

What is considered electrical work?

Electrical work is a highly regulated business in Australia. Here is a list of some common electrical jobs that you must not do yourself.
-Powerpoint installation and modification
-Light switch replacement
-Light installation and removal
-Ceiling fan installation and removal
-Air conditioner installation
-Fuse box maintenance and upgrades
-Electrical appliance repair.
-Altering an extension lead

What electrical work can I do in my house Australia?

Almost nothing! It is illegal to do your own electrical work in Australia. However, there are some exceptions. These include:

-Installing pond pumps
-Change light bulbs
-Replace LED downlights
-Fitting an electric oven (you cannot connect it)
-Install a battery-operated smoke alarm
Seriously, it’s just not worth the risk. Just hire an electrician!

How much does a Mildura Electrician cost?

In Australia, electricians usually charge around $80 per hour and often will charge a call-out fee for smaller jobs. Not cheap! (Although to be fair, it is better than getting stung with a $40,000 fine).

For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to save up your electrical jobs so that you can get them done in one hit. So, if you hate the 1980’s ceiling fan you’ve got in your bedroom, why not wait until you’re ready to upgrade your downlights and bathroom exhaust fan at the same time?

If you’re hunting around for an electrician to do your electrical work, All Electrics Melbourne has a great article on how to choose an electrician. It’s definitely worth a look.

While you’re planning your next round of upgrades, you should spend a few minutes organising some quotes from trusted electricians in your area. While you’re at it, contact Mildura Electricians! We offer fast, friendly, and professional electrical work!

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